• The Hiace is the popular car which is for commercial use, and is used for private use.
    I know the friend who uses it in private use, but the friend enjoying family and outdoor with many children likes Hiace regularly.
    I have asked what "chose this car why" and a friend. The friend said that this was because and the reason was fuel-efficient, and a great number of people could get on and it could pile up a lot of baggage.
    I surely take the place only in a car seat if there are many children. Besides, I only ride the plaything of the child and think that the inside of car becomes often full.
    Such a van is other companies, but thinks that after all Toyota car is the first.
    When it says why it is, this is because it is fuel-efficient and is economical.
    When I go for skiing, I will show it in a use more.
    Then, I fully show this car as a commercial car. When I carry large machine and machine parts, it is the most suitable car.
    Besides, it may be said that it is the most suitable car because there is little shaking when I carry a precision instrument.
    Station wagons are popular, but the car like the Hiace is the best for various uses now.
    I think that it is the best car to be more fuel-efficient which can carry much baggage which many people can get on.